5 Practically Best Websites Which are Actually Useful in 2019
5 Practically Best Websites Which are Actually Useful in 2019

5 Practically Best Websites Which are Actually Useful in 2019

Today we will explore The 5 Practically Best Websites which are actually useful in 2019.

There are billions of websites available on internet.

Some of them are very good, some are great but few of them are very actually useful.

Here is list:

1. MyPustak:

Order Books Online for free
Order Books Online for free

If you are fond of learning and want to order books online for FREE. Then My Pustak is the best website where you can order books online for Free.

This website offers you to order books online without paying the price of book.

Are they completely free? Yes, You will be paying only standard shipping charges.

2. VirusTotal

Scan Any File for Viruses For Free
Scan Any File for Viruses For Free

VirusTotal offers you the free Virus scanning service online.

You are free to browse and scan any file for suspicious virus with more then 90 Antivirus Programs without installing single antivirus in your system.

You can also scan any URL if you think that would be suspicious.

Plus, After any scan you will get a report which you can share to make it trustworthy and sharing friendly files.


3. Unsplash

Download Royalty Free Stock Photos for Free
Download Royalty Free Stock Photos for Free

Unsplash is search enabled photo browsing website which offers you to download Hi quality Stock free photos for FREE.

If you are a blogger or a youtuber then you will often need Hi quality photos for your content.

Unsplash is the best platform where you can download and use photos for free without the fear of paying royalty fee


4. Stripcreator:

Create Comics Online for Free
Create Comics Online for Free

If you love to read comics and have the desire to send comic style conversation and jokes to your friends in image format then stripcreator is the one stop destination.

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Here you can create your account for free and make conversational comic style jokes.

Then, you can download and share the comic with your friends on whats app in image format.


5. NiNite:

Download and Install all Software in One Package

If you have recently installed fresh Windows on your system then you will be definitely want to install VLC, Firefox, Chrome etc on your system.

Installing all the programs individually will take more of your time.


Ninite offers you to download a package of your selected programs and install them in one click.

You can create your own package of selected programs you want to install on this website then download the package to install the selected programs in one click.

The best part of NiNite is that its completely free. However there is pro version also available but Free version is more then enough.




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