How To Create Google Forms: The Complete Guide

How To Create Google Forms: The Complete Guide

We will learn today how to create Google forms quickly.

These Forms are used collect information online for absolutely free.

These are like regular online input forms.

What are Google Forms?

You can use unlimited number of Google forms for your customer feedback surveys.

These forms are mainly used for research work and taking feedback.

The best part about them is the ease of Accessibility and Usability.

You need only three things to use create Google Forms- Your Audience, a Computer and decent Internet connection.

That’s it.

We will create a live form with simple & easy instructions.

If you follow all of these instructions carefully then there is a Surprise for you at the end of this post.


You will love it.

Google forms are used to collect responses of your audience in the form of a questionnaire.

You can take the all responses in a Spreadsheet for data analysis.

Use of Google Forms:

Generally, Google forms are used to

  1. Create Online Polls
  2. Create Online Quizzes
  3. Create Online MCQ’s
  4. Create Online Surveys about your product or service.
  5. Create Online Feedback Forms etc.

But the question is why do you need it?

If your answer is “Yes” to anyone of the above 5 Points then Google Forms is the Easiest, Fastest and the best way to finish the Job.

Let’s get started and Stay focused with me for next 10 minutes.

I guarantee you we will master creating Google Forms.

By the end of this post you will be able to create the below Featured Form.

How to Create Google Forms?

There are two methods to create forms,

Method 1:

Login to your Google account and go to official website by clicking here and Sign in to your Google Account.

Create Google form from official website

Method 2:

Another way is to create Google form from Google spread sheet.

Google forms from spreadsheet

Follow the below instructions to create Google Form from Spread sheet.

  • Go to Google Docs then click on Spreadsheet.
  • Create a new spreadsheet or open any existing one.
  • Click on Tools in Menu bar
  • Click on Create a Form.

See, How to effective it is to  Create Google Form from a Spreadsheet?

After login either of the way you will see various Google Form templates, to view more templates click on Template Gallery.

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Google Form Templates

There are various category wise templates, they are:

  1. Blank- To create a Google Form From scratch.
  2. Work-  Office related Form Templates
  3. Personal- Personal use
  4. Education- Education and quiz related templates.

You can select any of the template from the list.

If you want to create a form from scratch then click on Blank.

For Today’s example we will create an Interview Questionnaire for our Job applicants. We will send this questionnaire to their E-mail addresses for Preliminary screening.

Here we will create a Google Form from scratch so we will select Blank.

A quick overview of the tutorial which will give you a roadmap is:

  • Look and Feel (Theme)
  • Adding Titles and Description
  • Adding Questions
  • Adding Answer Types for input
  • Adding More People for creating form as a collaborators
  • Publishing and sending Forms
Step 1: Customizing Look and Feel of Your Form:

Look and feel theme color

Here you can change the theme color of your Form, You can also change the default header by any Image. If you have your own Image or your company logo then you can upload from your computer as well.

I selected header Image from the default available images from the gallery.

Under the theme options you can change the background color and font. If you want to change the font of your Form then you can change it from here.


Step 2: Title and Description of your Form:

Look and feel

Add title of your form and give description in few words. It will help the user to identify the subject.

Adding description will help the user to get an idea about your questionnaire.

How to make open end and closed end Google Forms Survey?

Step 3: Add Questions to your Forms:

Click on “Untitled Question” and write the question you want to ask to your audience.

Click on + button to add more questions.

You can also add Images as a Question in  Google Forms

Step 4: Adding Input Type to the question

Question in form

There are 5 Categories and 10 types of Input you can add to your questionnaire.

Most Often used Category is No.2 Where you can use Close end options.

This category has three options

  • Multiple Choice
  • Check boxes
  • Drop down
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We are selecting here multiple choice for our First question, in later questions we will cover all categories of input type.

Forms question multiple choice

Click on “Add other” to add another option to your question.

Learn here to create Forms on your Android using FormsApp for Google Forms?

In the Second Question We Select Check boxes (Check boxes are used when you want more the one feedback to your question).

Box input Type in Google Forms
Box input Type in Google Forms

It will Work like this:

Multiple Check box Working
Multiple Check box Working

The Third category of input type is  Linear Scale Where you scale your experience in 0 to 5 (0 is Lowest and 5 is Highest or Vice versa).

Linear Scale Input Google Forms
Linear Scale Input Google Forms


It is generally used to scale the delightness or utility of your audience.

Linear Input in Google Forms
Linear Input in Google Forms

Last category we will use Date and time input to collect the date and time related information from the user.

Date input type
Date input type

Date and time category are generally used to get the date of event held. Examples are Date of Birth, Date of Sale, and Time of Birth etc.

You will also see a Video option here. You can use video if you expect from your audience whether the like the video or not., You can narrate a story in a video and then ask for questions relating to the story.


If you think Your Questionnaire will be lengthy then it is very good to divide it in sections. You can do it by clicking this icon.

Add Sections in Form
Add Sections in Form

You can Preview anytime your form by clicking on Eye icon in middle right corner of your form.

Preview Your Form

Google Forms settings:

You can tweak settings by clicking on gear icon on upper right side corner of your window.

Gear Icon for Settings
Gear Icon for Settings

There are three tabs in settings:

  • General
  • Presentation
  • Quizzes

In the General tab you can collect email address of our respondents, you can send those receipts on their email addresses.

You can also restrict the user for genuine response which Requires Sign In, Here you can also give right to respondent to edit after submission of form.

The presentation tab is self-explanatory. We will select show progress bar to get an idea about status of completion of survey or questionnaire.

Here you can write your custom when respondent completes the quiz or survey.

By Default It is “Your response has been recorded”, you can customize it.

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General Settings in Google Forms
General Settings in Google Forms

Click Save to Continue.

If you are working as a team of 2-3 people on forms then you can add them as a collaborator.

As a collaborator they will be able to contribute to your Google forms by edit/add/deletion.

How to add collaborator for creating Google Forms?

Add Colaborators
Add Collaborators

The Third Tab is mainly for Quizzes. There are only two settings in quizzes tab Grade and Review.

They are self-explanatory, however I made a separate tutorial on How to make quiz using Google forms?

There are a lot more things you will see when you click the upper right 3 vertical dots.

From there you can Make a copy of our Form, Delete it, Add Collaborators and Add-Ons. Etc.

You can also take the print of your form.

We are going to use an add-on to this which is most popular, you can also skip this part if you don’t want to add any add-on.

What are the best addons for your Google forms?

How to share Your Google Form to your audience?

There are various options which are available to share your forms with your audience.

There 3 Direct options and 3 Indirect options to share

We will cover 3 direct options to share forms.

You can also use your social media network share your forms on websites like Facebook, twitter and Google+.

So, those three direct options are used when your audience is very specific and limited.

You can send form on Email, You can share via a shorten link or you can also embed the forms in your website.

Share Your Google Form
Share Your Google Form

While creating forms we should also know some important shortcuts which are very necessary

To Insert a New Question- I Q

To Insert a New Page Break- I P

To Insert Section Header- I S

Delete Item- Shift + 3

There are plenty of shortcuts but the above ones are most useful in Google forms.

This is how we create Google Forms.  So, Have You mastered it?

There is a surprise Test for you here. See how much you score in instant test.

We have created and learnt creating forms, now how to manage and collect responses from your audience here for analytics.

Here is Your Surprise. Live Working Google Form:

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