Embed Google Form Anywhere: The Complete Guide
Embed Google Form Anywhere

Embed Google Form Anywhere: The Complete Guide

Today we will learn How to Embed Google Form Anywhere.

Yes, you heard it right, You can embed them anywhere.

This is going to be your complete guide to embed google form in a Website, a Blog, a WordPress Website, E-Mail and much more.

It’s very much easy.

You only need to know How to Copy and Paste. Thats it.


In the rest of the complete guide I will show you What to Copy and Where to Paste it.

So, Just Sit Back. Get Relaxed. Grab a Cup of Coffee and be with me for next 5 Minutes.

To get you more exited, I want you to see the final result just below.

This is an Real Actual embed Google Form. You can Fill it and Test it.

This is how an embedded Google Form Look in any website.

Google Forms are no doubt one of the Best, Fastest and Safest way to get the information collected from your audience.

There are several alternatives on the internet as Microsoft Forms, Wufoo (For Quickly creating Graphical reports), JotForms(iOS and Android).

But this is everyone’s favorite.

More Importantly, Using Google Form is completely free.

All You need is an audience for collecting responses.

The Major chunk of your audience can be any one of your Website visitors, Blog Post readers, Newsletter Subscribers and E-Mail Readers.

Or  All of them combined together.

When You want to collect information from your audience say any feedback survey of your product which you sell or service you offer then you cannot ask them to come at one place and share their feedback.

Rather, You can bring that place” to them and get your Feedback collected with the help of embed Google Forms.

Isn’t it Cool?

In the previous post I taught How to Create Google Forms. If you are new to Google Form then you should definitely check that article which is very beginner friendly.

If you are a Microsoft Office 365 subscriber then you have access to Microsoft Forms which is an great alternative to Google Forms. 

Check That out also because it supports Microsoft Outlook for sending Embedded  in body of any Email.

If you already know How to create Google Forms then be with me for next five minutes and you will Master Embedding Google Form anywhere.

I am assuming you have already created your survey or questionnaire. If not then Go first prepare your questionnaire by clicking here.

Now as you are ready, Follow the Step by Step Instructions below.

Here is the quick overview what we we are going to learn today.

We will Learn,

  1. Embed Google Form Process.
  2. How to Embed Google Form in a Website?
  3. How to Embed Google Form in WordPress?
  4. How to Embed Google Form in E-Mail?

Lets get started without any further delay.

Embed Google Form Process:

There are many ways you can share Your google form.

To get started,

Click on Send Button on Upper right corner of your Google Form Window.

You can Share it on E-Mail addresses, You can share the link of the form and the last one which we are here for, Embed it

You can also share it with Facebook and Twitter as well.

To Continue embedding click on Embed Icon then click copy. It will copy the code to your clip board.


You can set the width and height of the from in pixels.

The same embed element is used when you want to embed any YouTube video to your website.

The most important thing to note.

You have to copy and paste this HTML code to your website’s HTML coding file. Usually in TargetPage.HTML file and between <Body> </Body> tag.

html Input Iframe

If you are using any HTML editor then ensure the same thing.

Your HTML file may look like this.

HTML File Preview

If You are still in doubt then please don’t get confused. It will be clear once you read the next paragraph where we learn how to embed Google Form in WordPress.

There I will paste in HTML file.

How to Embed Google in Form in WordPress:

If you are using WordPress powered website then its quite easy for you to embed Google Form. You can embed Google Form anywhere in your page or post. Just like I did it above.

To embed, Follow the instructions below.

Copy the Embed HTML Code. Then click on “Text” Tab in Editor. I am using classic editor here.

It is the actual HTML editor of WordPress there you can edit HTML.

Embed Code in WordPress
Embed Code in WordPress

There I paste the code just after the line “This is an Actual embed…” as you can see in below screenshot.

Screenshot for embeded google form
Screenshot for embedded google form

From here also you can change the width and height of your form.

That’s it.

This is how you embed a Google Form in a WordPress website. Isn’t it simple?

We have learnt so far what is the process of embedding Google Form, How can You embed it in any website and WordPress powered website.

Note: You are seeing a New IFRAME tag, it is Inline Frame Tag in HTML. When This tag is used then It sets a Frame around its content of fixed width and height with margin options.

Lets move on to the last part.

How to Embed Google Form in E-Mail:

There are 2 ways you can embed Google Form in E-Mail.

  1. Embed Google Form in E-Mail Client like Thunderbird and Outlook.
  2. Send Google Forms to E-Mail Address Directly.

Let’s learn it one by one.

1. Embed Google Form in E-Mail Client like Thunderbird 

If you have installed a desktop client like Thunderbird then you can directly embed a Google Form in HTML part where you compose a mail.

Here we will learn how to embed Google form in Thunderbird Mail Client.

More Details   How to Add an Image in Google Form as a Question?

To send your Google Form with Thunderbird or any other.

Click on “Compose a new Message”. A new compose window will appear.

There click on Insert in the menu bar and select HTML.

Send Google Form from E Mail Client Thunderbird
Send Google Form from E Mail Client Thunderbird

A New box will appear. There you have to paste the code  which you copied from embed tab in google Form.

Embed Code in Body of Your Mail in ThunderBird
Embed Code in Body of Your Mail in Thunder Bird

Now Click on Insert.

Your Form will appear in the mail body.


Note: Google Forms are still not supporting to be sent through Microsoft Outlook in mail body.

For Microsoft Outlook you have to send the link of the Google Form to your respondents.

2. Send Google Forms to E-Mail Address Directly.

Here We will learn How to embed form in Gmail.

This Method is very fast and Hassle free. You can directly send email from Google Forms.

To share your Google Form click on Send Button on the upper right corner in Form window.


Click Send Button and select Email Icon. See the picture below.

Send Form in E-Mail Directly from Forms
Send Form in E-Mail Directly from Forms

You have type all the email addresses one by one separated by comma. Alternatively If you have an excel sheet then save the file as csv the open it with notepad and copy-paste in To: box.

There are two methods to send Form in email. First one is to “include form in email” and second one is not to include in email.

If you want your user not to another browser window and fill the from in email body itself then check the box “include form in email”.

If you are not going to check then there will be a button in their email which will take them to new form window. From there they will fill the form.

To make it more clear. Here is the screenshot of my gmail account where I checked the button to include form in email.

Stay with me for one more minute. Just one more thing left.

How will You get Google Form Data to a Spreadsheet?

Now, I am assuming you have completed your data Feedback campaign.

All the data is now stored in Google.

How will You extract it??

You have several options here. Lets explore them one by one.

Once  you have completed your campaign then go to your Google Form.

There you will see how many participants responded to your Feedback Campaign as Numbers will appear Near Responses.

You will also be able to see your responses in Summary. In the Summary chart you will see already created Pie Chart diagrams  based on your responses (Coolest Feature).

As you can see in the below image There is only one response I got.

That’s Ok, I filled it for the demo to show you.

Data From Google Form
Data From Google Form

You have Mainly Three Options to extract data from google form.

  1. Select Response Destination:

With the help of the Spreadsheets in google docs you can configure to save your data in a new or existing spreadsheet.

If you haven’t configured before your campaign then don’t worry. You can still can extract data to a fresh spreadsheet.

More Details   How To Create Google Forms: The Complete Guide

Click on “Select Response destination”  then Rename your spreadsheet and Click Create.

Save Your Google Form data to a Spreadsheet
Save Your Google Form data to a Spreadsheet

When you will click on create button then this spreadsheet will be saved in your Google Account (Drive).


If you have a spreadsheet on which you are already working then the data will be saved to that sheet.

For this you have to select the second option “Select Existing Spreadsheet”.

2. Download Responses as CSV (Comma Separated  Value) file:

If you are using Microsoft Excel on your computer then you can download all the responses in CSV format.

Once you are finished with the downloading the CSV file then you can open it with Microsoft excel.

3. Print All Responses:

This option does what it says. It will give you an option to print all the forms you received.

You can print them exactly how they look.

Here is the screenshot.

Print All Responses form Google Form
Print All Responses form Google Form

This option is used when you have to maintain records in files.


You can save all the responses in original design as a PDF format.

If you are using google form then after clicking on “Print all responses” You will see Destination Option Just below print option from where you can save responses in PDF Format to your desired location.

4. Delete All responses:

This option will delete all the responses you collected so far.

However, you can also delete the responses “Individually”

To delete individual responses click on “Individual” just aside the “Summary” Tab.

Now as you are done with the collection of feedback with google forms, Turn Off the Accepting Responses”

Otherwise, You will always receive responses from your audience.

There is no restriction to this, You can Turn On and Off anytime you want to.

Its done. This is How you embed Google Form anywhere.

Wow, It was so cool and easy. You gained new knowledge today.

Try it few more times. Do some More practice until you master it. If any doubt then comment below this post.

Now Go and Impress your boss, your colleagues, your professor. Every one around You.

You have mastered embedding Google Forms anywhere.

What’s Next:

Explore Things which you don’t know. Experiment with Google Forms. You can create Wonderful Forms with this Free utility. Add Images and Videos to your Google Forms.

Make Them Multimedia rich So your respondent will not get bored if you are offering a full fledged 5 sections 50 questions research form.


Before You started reading the post you had so many expectations in your heart and I am sure I was able to full fill your expectations. I did not find any elaborate explanation on embedding google forms on internet. Even Google official forum has only 500 words support to Google Forms.

I hope You liked it. Keep Sharing if you loved it with your friends on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

Thank You So Much!

Keep Going, You are Stronger then You Think.!


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