How to Add an Image in Google Form as a Question?
How to Add and Image in Google Form as a Question

How to Add an Image in Google Form as a Question?

It is very easy to add an Image in Google Form as a question. You can also upload your image also from Your Computer.

“A Picture Tells a Thousand Words.”

In the previous post we learned how to create google forms. There we learnt how to add questions and types of input you want from your audience.

Today we will add an image in Google Form’s one of the question.

It’s very simple. We will do it in three steps.

Step I: Write a Question in Google Form, then you will see a image favicon in the right side

Google Form Image Icon


Step 2: Click on Upload and Select Images From Your Computer. You can Upload or select images from various resources other then your computer.

As you can see in below image you can Take a snapshot, link any image from its URL, Your saved albums in Google, Google drive, you can also live search any image and add here

Places From where You can upload images

Step 3. Press OK

And You will see your Image with your question.

Here is the quick Video on How to add Image in a Google Form Question.


That is it. Its Very Simple and quite self explanatory.

In Just Three Steps Process you are able to create a question from any image.

You can use images to ask question which are more visually centered.  You can use websites like unsplash and pixabay for free stock images.

You can also add video if you want to.

But you cannot upload any video, You have to embed it in the form from any URL or YouTube URL.

More Details   VLOOKUP in Google Sheets: The Quick Guide

Still If you have any doubt then you are free to ask in the comments section below. I will answer it as soon as I go through your question.

In The Next Tutorial We will Learn How to Embed Google Form Anywhere?


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