Facebook Monetization Eligibility Standards: How Practical Are They?
Facebook Monetization Eligibility Standards

Facebook Monetization Eligibility Standards: How Practical Are They?

Facebook Monetization Eligibility
Facebook Monetization Eligibility

What are Facebook Monetization Eligibility Standards for Creators?

Today We will learn Practicality of the Facebook Monetization Eligibility Standards for creators.

You can achieve them quickly in no time if you are a genuine creator.

But Before we continue, I am sure We are aware of Facebook Creators Program where You and I can earn money by Ad Breaks on Facebook.

Here you get paid for the ad breaks in your Videos.

People also search for Facebook video Monetization in 2018 where you get paid for ad breaks while your video plays. It’s the same program.

These Ad Breaks are the advertisements where advertiser Pays Facebook some amount and then Facebook Pays us some portion of the revenue earned from advertisers.

Now, let’s Focus on What you came here for The Facebook Monetization Eligibility.

The Facebook content guidelines for Monetization are quite straightforward & Let me be with you as well.

Here Facebook is Focusing on Quality and Authenticity with regular content.


If you can’t wait to know your eligibility then You can click here to check quickly

90 Days Established Presence on Facebook:

As per the Facebook Content Guidelines For Monetization, Your Facebook Page Should be 90 Days Old.

You Should have “Established Presence” on Facebook. Your Facebook Page should be Authentic.

That means you should be an active contributor to your page with decent content and followers.

Its not written anywhere but believe me if your page is less then 90 days old, You will get the similar results.


10,000 Followers on Your Facebook Page:

You should have 10,000 Followers on your Facebook page.

Don’t get confused with “Page Likes” and  “Profile Friends”, You need proper “Followers”.

You can Check on your page by clicking on community option.

Here is the Screenshot for your reference.


How to Check Your Facebook Page Followers

Video Length : Watch time

You will need 30,000 views of minimum 1 minute in Past 60 Days on Videos which are at least 3 Minutes long.

Views on videos Which are less then 3 minutes long are not considerable for Monetization.

It makes 500 Hours of watch time. Clearly, Audience retention is focused here.

Videos Uploaded on Facebook Page NOT Facebook Profile:

Again, Understand the difference. You will need to upload Videos on your Facebook Page.

Video Views on your Profile Videos are not considerable.

Use Creator Studio to upload videos on your Facebook Page. You can also use Facebook Creator App for Publishing Videos.

Availability in Selected Countries and Languages:

As of now Ad Breaks for Creators is available in 44 countries and in 21 Languages. To Check the Complete list of languages and selected countries you can click here.

Argentina Dominican Republic Italy Spain
Australia Ecuador Jordan Sweden
Austria El Salvador Malaysia Switzerland
Bangladesh France Mexico Taiwan
Belgium Germany New Zealand Thailand
Bolivia Guatemala Norway the Netherlands
Brazil Honduras Peru the Philippines
Canada Hong Kong Portugal Saudi Arabia
Chile India Singapore United Arab Emirates
Colombia Indonesia South Africa United Kingdom
Denmark Ireland South Korea United States


How Practical are the Facebook Monetization Standards:

Well, There are only two major Goals you need to work on. The first is Facebook Page Followers and Second is  Watch time on your videos.

60 Second View on 180 Seconds Long Video: 100 Minutes x 30 Videos x 10 Days = 30,000 Minutes.

It seems very Achievable For Video Watch time. You can achieve in 10 Days if you have good Video Content.

10,000 Followers: Let me be Straightforward. They will grow gradually, You can’t do any thing in that.

Keep in Mind. People likes your content that’s why they follow you.

As a Creator, becoming eligible for Ad Breaks your strategy should be gaining more followers by creating engaging content.

Initially, If you have just started then upload some Images, Info graphics, Charts and Process Flows. This way you will reach more and more Facebook users.

Facebook Monetization Strategy for Ad Breaks in 2019

Once You have a solid  Participating Followers say 1000 Followers, Start Uploading short videos of 3 Minutes each.

In the Facebook Creator Studio you have an option to Upload your video as Premiere.

Facebook Monetization Eligibility Check is done manually on Facebook. Once you reach the threshold, You can Appeal to enable Monetization.

Organic Views Vs Paid Views Matters Here:

Those who are considering to achieve the eligibility standards by Facebook Adverts. Just Look a screenshot below.

Organic Traffic Vs Paid Traffic

Finally, It will be a manual review for monetization, Paid Traffic and Organic traffic will make a difference there.

Facebook Monetization Eligibility Standards VS YouTube Monetization Eligibility Standards:

Facebook Creators Program is quiet different form YouTube Creators. The Ad breaks eligibility standards are higher to match comparing it with YouTube. If you are a established creator on YouTube then You have ready made content for Facebook.

If you are a beginner then you should focus on producing engaging content.

However, I made an Visual Info graphic Comparison between Facebook Creators and YouTube Creators to understand it at a glance.

Facebook Monetization Eligibility Standards vs Youtube Monetization eligibility Standards

Keep Going; You are Stronger Then You Think:

Video Optimization algorithm is completely different on Facebook Watch if you compare it with the Youtube. But again engagement is the key to success. In the next article we will cover the untapped methods on Facebook to complete the Monetization criteria in not time.

Meanwhile, Keep Going. Create beautiful exclusive engaging content.

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