What is a Volatile Functions in Excel?

What is a Volatile Functions in Excel?

Volatile Function in Excel

Volatile functions in excel not is very popular category of function in excel.

Volatile means “Changeable”.

Volatile function in excel are those functions which are “changeable” in nature.

These functions “recalculates” their values every time whenever there you “refresh” your excel sheet


whenever you “reopen” your sheet


apply another formula or function” in the same workbook.

In short whenever there is change in a worksheet the value of cell will also change where you applied a volatile function.

Which functions are Volatile Functions in Excel?

There are around 6 Functions(Partially Volatile and Complete Volatile) in excel which are volatile in nature.

The Three Major and Complete Volatile Functions are:


  • Random Function:

Random Function in Excel
Random Function in Excel

Random Function is used to generate random numbers between a range. Randbetween().

For Instance if you want to generate random number between 500 and 1000 then you will have to type =RANDBETWEEN(500,1000).

Keep in mind that there are two arguments in Randbetween() First is lower value which we chose 500 and second is 1000 which is higher value.


  • Now Function:

Now Function
Now Function

Now() function in excel brings you the current system date and time whenever you are going to reopen then it will show you the different time.


  • Today Function:

Today Function
Today Function

Today Function in excel brings you the current date as per your system date.

It will change every time when you reopen it on any day. It is more like time stampings.

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Camera in Excel

Where to Use Volatile function and where not?

If you are having a large amount of data in a excel sheet then avoid using volatile functions. The reason behind not using volatile functions in a large data sheet is “Loading and Refresh Time” More you use Volatile Function more time taking it will be.

For more detailed information watch the below video. Here I explained it in more lucid manner.

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