Camera in Excel: Do You Know How to Use it?
Camera in excel How to use it

Camera in Excel: Do You Know How to Use it?

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Is there a camera in excel, really?

Yes. There is Camera in Excel. But this camera is not like your Phone’s camera with higher Pixel resolution and AI technology for taking selfies.

With this camera you can take live Photographs in your excel sheet with the power of Dynamic Display of Cell contents.

I’ll get back to the Dynamic Display of Cell Contents Shortly.

But Let’s First activate the Camera in excel and Add Camera Button to the Home tab in Quick access toolbar.

How to Activate Camera in Excel?

If You are using Microsoft Office version 2013 and above then Follow the Instructions Below:

It is very easy to activate camera in excel

  • Go to File then Click on Options.
  • Click on Quick access toolbar.
  • Under the choose commands from drop down list, select “Commands Not in Ribbon”
  • There you will find Camera.
  • Now Click on Camera icon in the list and Click Add.
  • Now Press OK.

Here is the quick video to activate camera tool in Excel:

Activate camera in Excel
Activate camera in Excel

When you are done you will be able to see the small camera Icon on Top left side of Quick Access Toolbar.

This is how you add camera to your Microsoft Excel.

How to does this Camera work in Excel?

Now Lets take few photographs of your data.

Here You can see that I am having a data table.

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Lets select the data table range and click on Camera icon in quick access toolbar, after you’re the Picture is taken.

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Your arrow will tun into a cross hair (+) If you have done it right.

Now Click anywhere in your workbook.

The table now is reflecting like a text box but remember its not a text box it’s a live image of your original data.

So, How does Camera tool work in Excel?

How to use camera in excel
How to use camera in excel

There are two things which you may already know.

Static and Dynamic

Static means which does not change its state like .jpeg, .png images


Dynamic means which changes the state or values containing it dynamically when there is a change in source data.

“Camera tool works as a link between your live Image and source data.”

Where to Use it in Excel?

Camera tool in excel is used when you want to display the content of your worksheet in the form of a live Image.


whenever there will be a change in source code, the image will automatically change.

Now when it comes to the source data, then source data can be a data table or chart or graph or a Pie chart.

Always remember we are pasting a reflection of your data table and that is a Live Image.

The best part is that Data in live image changes dynamically when you change the data in main table cell or say source table.

Regardless of the Shape and the Size of copied table or graph.

Now let’s back to the Dynamic Display of the cell contents and Understand What Dynamic display of Content is?

Your all data or Chart or graph copied can be changed (Dynamic) by changing its original values in a cell. When you will change the data, it will directly affect the Camera Copied Picture.

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Suppose you change a number in table then bar graph of the table will also change.

What are the benefits of using camera tool in excel?

A camera tool helps you to reflect the live images of your data table in excel anywhere in workbook. When you are going to change in the source table then the reflection image will be change automatically.

If you are creating in dashboard layout in excel then you don’t have to worry about display space any more. You can resize it big small large in any shape like rectangle square whatever.

Resizing the Image will not change in source data of the Image. it will also not change the quality of image (No bad Pixels).

Alternatively, if you think you will not change the source data in future then you can also use Paste special to paste it as a .jpeg Image in your workbook.

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It is very similar to paste as Linked Picture option in excel. There is almost no difference between both of them.

You can find  “Paste as Linked Picture” option in “Paste Special” options in excel. It’s very effective and works the same way.

What are you going to do next with this Camera tool?

You can download the Practice file from here to get yourself comfortable with the working of camera tool in excel. Next, create some dashboards with data tables and graphs, charts in a worksheet to master this.

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