6 Most Common Errors of Excel: How to Solve Them?
6 Most common Errors of Excel and how you can deal with them

6 Most Common Errors of Excel: How to Solve Them?

Today we will learn 6 Most common Errors of Excel and how you can deal with them.

Let’s Start!!

Excel errors problems and solutions sovle

If you have been using Microsoft excel for a while then I am sure you have faced all the problems at least once in awhile which we are going to discuss in a minute.

But there is no doubt,

We all know excel is a very powerful calculation software for analytics made so far in the history which is used very commonly.

It is so common and accessible that even normal shopkeeper to Data Analyst uses this software.

All the tools and Functions in excel are uniformly and globally available to all of us exactly the same way as they are programmed to do so.

However, Some of us face problems at some point of time while using excel and some people do not.

Those who are aware about why the problem occurs can easily correct the problem because they know the reason behind it and continue to their work and those who do not get the reason for problem get stuck there. (like forever sometimes).

It is very important for you to understand the reason behind the problem to solve the problem from its root.

We will discuss here 6 Most common errors you face in excel while compiling and calculating data in excel and what do they mean.

Camera in Excel

The First one is,

#Name Error:

6 most common errors of excel
#Name error in excel

The Name of error suggest itself. When you mistype or wrongly spelled Name of any Function.
You want type =VLOOKUP but you wrongly type =VLLOKUP and fill all the parameters of the formula then hit the enter key to execute then you will be encountered with #Name error.

To fix this press F2 on keyboard on the cell where you applied formula, retype the correct spelling and then hit enter.

Tip: Excel allows you to use suggestion autotype when you start typing the formula, use the TAB key to use it.


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#Num Error:

6 most common errors of excel
#Num error in excel

You can type maximum 15 digit numbers in a single cell. Excel convert any number to 0 after 15th digit.

That is its limitation.

#NUM error occurs when when you calculate(Multiply or Exponent) something so big that it cannot be calculated for instance 123456^123.
Then it will reflect #Num error as such big answer wont fit and it will not be able to calculate.


#DIV/0 Error:

6 most common errors of excel
#DIV Error in Excel

This is very common Mathematical error. Whenever you or your formula divides any number by 0 then you will encounter this error in excel.

In basic math what happens when you divide any number by 0??

The answer is always 0. If excel is going to return 0 then you will get confused, so it reflects #DIV/0 errors.


#Value Error:

6 most common errors of excel
value error in excel

#Value error occurs when you use invalid data types in a formula. For Instance You = 1+ a will result in #Value error.


#Ref! Error:

6 most common errors of excel
ref error in excel

Reference error occurs when the cell in any row or column is deleted. When you apply any formula and use a cell reference in any formula parameter, Later when you delete that complete cell (Delete entire column in most cases) then this error will occur.


#NA Error:

6 most common errors of excel
#Na error in excel

It is the most common error in excel when you apply lookup formula in excel. It is similar to reference error. It means Value not available error.

When you delete the entire column or row in the table where you applied formula then this error will occur.

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